Now more than ever, we need to keep our bodies and families healthy, strong and moving. Let us help!

A Dance Fitness Wellness Practice

If health and wellness are your passion, then try out one of our many Nia dance-fitness classes. Currently Nia Marin offers a variety of Nia classes...every day of the week! Some via zoom, some live outdoors (Covid compliant) and more!

With 4 different Nia teachers to dance with, you will never be bored! Great music, great movements that will strengthen and tone your body while keep you flexible and balanced through all stages of your life. Sustainable fitness kind of sums it up.

They are currently offering classes via Zoom and Live Outdoor classes too! (all Covid compliant of course).

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ZUMBAwith Victor Louis!

ABADÁ-Capoeira Marin



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One thing this class can promise you is a darn good time and a fun workout! Victor's enthusiasm and positive attitude is contagious! And his music and dance is fun and invigorating! A must do with a fantastic teacher!!!

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Currently we offer daily or weekly classes in

Nia Dance Fitness, Zumba and

Abada Capoeirá for toddlers, youth & adults!!!

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Okay, let's get you to a class!

PS. All of our teachers are independent artists offering their program to the community. Thank you for supporting all of these amazing people!

An Afro-Brazilian Martial Art

If you are interested in community, physical activity, balance, strength, music, discipline and fun, this is the program for you.

With classes for toddlers all the way to adults, this is an amazing practice just for you and/or for your entire family & friends!

They are currently offering classes via Zoom and Live Outdoor classes too! (all Covid compliant of course).

Honestly, we cannot say enough good things about the value of this program to oneself and to the community as a whole.

For details and contact information, check out their website. You might also enjoy this article that was in the Marin IJ.