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First class is Friday, July 26

Do you enjoy dancing with your friends and the feeling you get when you step into that circle and every body begins to cheer you on? That’s exactly what I am bringing to our community; a safe space for people to experiment a new dance style. 

Reggaeton is a Latin music genre and today some of the top artists are making a name for it in the US. J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, Maluma, Becky G, Farruko, Don Omar, amongst MANY MORE are creating music that needs to be danced to not just in Latin clubs but also in dance studios. Reggaeton's musicality allows for creative and unimaginable body movements. In this class I will instruct you through basic body movements and footwork that will be essential to the choreography pieces that I will be teaching. You will learn how to switch your body weight instantaneously without losing your balance along with how to isolate certain body parts while dancing. WARNING! These classes will demand all of your fabulous energy and attitude, so BRING IT! 

It’s my honor to provide our community with a place where self-confidence is nourished and a sense of belonging is secured. People of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed. More important, anyone who enters this space should be prepared to step out of their comfort zone as well as encourage others to do so as well. The class will begin with a 10 minute warm-up, crucial for activating the body before an intense dance lesson. Next, I will teach several techniques on how to spin, drop and stop with intentional control. The bulk of the lesson will be focused on a dance piece. After 3 dance classes we will record the entire routine. Filming these classes will be a way for students to push themselves even further and notice the growth they’ve made. I welcome everyone into this space, where my passion lies. Please be respectful of others and do not hesitate on asking for help. We are stronger together, therefore nobody gets left behind!



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